A lot of people ask me how I started my jewelry line, well it started when I was learning the art of belly dance. When I lived in San Diego, I started taking belly dance classes in my early 20s. I learned how to make and design my own costumes. I found myself focusing more on making accessories like belts, necklaces and earrings than my costume. I fell in love with jewelry and started my own line. I was heavily inspired by tribal belly dance. I used to watch Urban Tribal perform at a small cafe called Gargoyle Cafe on India Street. one day they had a guest performer called Rachel Brice. Brice is a world-reowned belly dancer. I'm happy to say I saw her dance before she became famous. She is one of my biggest inspirations. Her passion and dedication is beyond this world. She is a multitalented dancer. Her dancing style, her costume aesthetic to her tattoos, she is a dancing goddess!! 

diana Corpus